I believe in early mornings, the sun right before sunset. I believe in dew drops on leaves in the morning. I believe in the sounds of the wind chimes. I believe in the saddest songs that tell you the darkest truths. I believe that your face is the window to your soul. I believe that failure is the highest form of success. If you survive failure, you truly learn to live and you succeed by default. I believe that of all the people who are unfair to you, who criticize you, who say mean things to you, who tell you that you can’t do something, that you are not good enough, you are not strong enough or you are not talented enough, you are the most unfair to yourself, you criticize your own actions in your head, you are the meanest to yourself and it’s always you that is stopping you from getting ahead in life. I believe that sometimes you have to mute the voices in your head and listen to your soul. I believe that happiness is never yours to keep, but to give away.

I believe at the heart of the heart of the centre of the earth, there is a power far beyond human comprehension and science. It’s why birds sing, why flowers bloom, why there is a rainbow just after pouring rain, why moon dances with borrowed light and stars sparkle at night. It’s why the mountain stands and the river flows, why you and I are different yet just the same. It’s why we still inhabit this planet even after countless wars. It’s love. I believe love transcends life. I believe in the power of love. I believe that love cannot be defined, has no boundaries, can’t be measured or quantified, it can only be felt. I believe that love is not between just people it’s with everything that co-exists with us, whether it’s the plants you water or the car you wash. Love is everywhere, just because I believe.